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Couriers On Account

Manage your deliveries by asking your couriers to set up an account for your business.

If you are using couriers regularly, it's worth considering setting up an account. There are several reasons why having an account with your couriers could work well for your business.

Setting Up And Account With Your Couriers

Make your couriers an integral part of your business, helping you to provide your customers with the very best service. Here's how you can set up your business account:

  • Talk to your couriers - the first thing to do is talk to your courier company about setting up an account. It's a simple process but each courier service will have their own procedure. It's best to check with your couriers first so that you know what information you need to provide.
  • Think about what you want - do you only need your couriers on an occasional basis or are you going to be using them every day? Will you always be sending the same size packages or will your needs vary depending on customer demands? Your couriers will want to know what to expect as that helps them with planning .The more information you can give them the happier they will be.
  • Budget - if using couriers is part of your daily business, you'll need to ensure that the costs are in your budget. Even if your customers are paying the final delivery charges, you may be paying your couriers in advance and their bills will certainly need to be settled even if your customers haven't paid yet. You need to have the money available to meet your business expenses, so it makes sense to plan ahead.
  • Keep communicating - your business may grow and change with time and so will your courier needs. Keeping in touch with your couriers means that you can make the changes you need to maintain the standards of service you offer to customers. Good couriers will be able to offer you help and advice when it comes to extending the range of places you will ship to, or estimating delivery times for certain packages or products.

If your business is just starting up and you're not sure how much you'll need to use couriers, you may just want to use a firm on an ad hoc basis until your business is up and running. The time to open an account is when your company starts getting good volumes of business and you want to reduce the hassle involved with shipping goods and just ensure that your products are collected and delivered as quickly and easily as possible.

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