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Couriers - where technology matters

Using technology wisely helps couriers to give their customers the best possible service.

Couriers may have been around in one form or another for hundreds of years, but like all other professions, the job is constantly adapting to the use of new technology. An already competitive market, the courier sector is using technology to ensure that customers can get their parcels and packages delivered with minimum hassle.

Online Booking

For leading edge couriers, online booking offers the perfect opportunity to give customers great service. Instead of picking up the phone and waiting to speak to an adviser, you can book your pick-up online and you'll be assigned a booking reference or code straightaway. Online booking removes the hassle and the time problems of booking couriers, putting the customer in full control. Email confirmation gives you the peace of mind you need when it comes to delivering important items.

Package Tracking

Once the couriers have picked up your delivery, you want to be sure it's on its way to the right destination. That's where package tracking comes in. Large firms of couriers have been offering tracking for a while, but before the current technology was introduced, tracking simply involved telling the customer whether the package had left the depot or arrived at the port. Today's satellite tracking devices are incredibly sophisticated and you can now track your package much more closely. This is particularly important for couriers who promise a same-day service or who offer emergency courier services and most customers are coming to expect this type of service from the couriers they use.

SatNav Systems

Today, many people have a SatNav system in their car because it helps to get from A to B as quickly as possible. Couriers have taken advantage of this technology too, allowing them to find your address as quickly as possible and then plot the fastest route to the package's destination. The use of SatNav and GPS technology means that your package should arrive as soon as possible, without being held-up or lost in traffic.

Technology has improved all our lives in one way or another, but for couriers it has opened up new business opportunities, allowing forward-thinking firms to offer the very best in courier services to their customers. As technology advances, so couriers will continue to take advantage of what's on offer so that important deliveries can be booked and completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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