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Most businesses require couriers at one time or another. Mostly, it's for scheduled deliveries or next-day orders, but occasionally, you need a package delivered as quickly as possible - and that's when you need couriers that can handle immediate pick-up and delivery.

Couriers - When Now Means Now!

When it comes to speedy or emergency deliveries, it's important that you use couriers you can rely on. Whether you need to get a specialist piece of equipment to a customer in a rush, or you have important legal documents to transport that can make or break a deal, knowing your couriers are in charge allows you to focus on the rest of the business at hand. When you're choosing couriers for that all-important journey, think about:

Existing Couriers

If you already use couriers and you have a good working relationship with them, then that's your first port of call. Couriers like Courier Express offer additional features to existing account holders such as online booking, so that pick-ups and deliveries can be organised as quickly as smoothly as possible. If your couriers don't offer online booking, contact us today to set up an account.

Package Tracking

Clearly, you'll want to know that your package is winging its way to the recipient. Package tracking allows you and the recipient to do just that, so that you can be sure that it will reach its destination as quickly as possible.


For some deliveries, security is key. This is particularly true when it comes to sensitive documents or costly equipment. Look for couriers who can handle precious and important cargo and who are fully insured should anything go wrong. Knowing that the same driver that picks up your parcel will be the one that delivers it increases your peace of mind, because you know the package is not going to get damaged or lost in a transferring process.

Whatever it is that you need to get delivered in a rush, couriers that have tried and tested business processes, along with the technology that allows them to respond quickly and deliver on time whilst letting you see the progress of the delivery, are bound to be attractive. If you don't currently use couriers or you're not sure if your couriers can handle unexpected emergency deliveries, why not get in touch with us to find out how we can help?

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