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Couriers - A Worldwide Industry

Couriers operate within a global sector.

As competition for parcel and document delivery increases, we're used to seeing a diverse range of couriers' vans driving around our roads. Whilst it may seem as though these couriers all exist independently, they are part of an important global business sector.

Couriers - The Market

As global trading increases, so does the need for efficient and effective delivery of a wide range of goods. From straightforward documentation to complex machinery, businesses need to ensure that their products are delivered on time and in good condition. The global couriers market exists to serve the needs of businesses and their customers.

The United States of America is probably the most mature market as far as couriers are concerned. The major players in this sector are USA-founded companies, such as DHL and FedEx. The size of the USA has always meant that couriers are important even for domestic economic trade and growth and it was a natural step for those companies to move into the global market.

In the UK, couriers have become more established since the Royal Mail lost its monopoly on delivering packages and parcels and had to compete with other providers. The UK's National Courier Association has over 100 members, operating over 2,500 delivery vehicles across the country every day.

Growing markets for courier businesses include the fast-developing economies of Brazil, India and China, where economic trade, both domestic and international, requires efficient couriers in order to run smoothly. Analysts expect these markets and Asian and Middle-Eastern markets in general to grow substantially in the future.

Couriers and Economic Trends

When economic times are gloomy and consumers are not buying, you might think that couriers face a downturn in their own business, and this can be the case. Many people, however, turn to the internet for cheaper prices when the high street becomes too expensive and they expect fast, quality delivery as part of the internet shopping service. Good couriers, therefore, may actually be busier than ever, and businesses will want to choose the most reliable and competitively-priced couriers to handle their deliveries.

Finding The Right Couriers

With so much to choose from, how do you decide which are the right couriers for you? It makes sense to talk to a courier company, explain your delivery requirements and the sort of working relationship you're looking for. With such a competitive market, you're bound to find the right couriers for your business.

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